Why Soccer PDP?

Empowering Every Player

Through assessment and education, the programme includes measures to determine athlete performance and talent progression under four key development areas:


Strength and Conditioning

Physical Skills and Techniques


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Register through the sign up link on the menu bar. Here you will be able to add information about your club, age group etc.

Book A Testing Session

Choose when and where you would like your first testing session to take place. We operate all across Scotland.

Get Your Results

Login to the online player development platform to view your individual report listing your test results, showing your strengths and weaknesses, and your individual plan for areas of development.

Compare Results

See how you compare to your friends, other players your age and elite level players. See the key benchmarks you need to hit to progress in the game.

Complete Training

We provide video training drills and exercises to improve any areas of weakness. The exercises selected for you are scientifically proven to be the most effective in improving each highlighted attribute.

Map A Pathway To Success

The player development platform works to show players how other players in pro youth set ups are performing at the same tests to show how much improvement is required to reach the top!