Imagine a future where every player in Scotland has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, on and off the pitch.

Who We Are

A team of talent development specialists who believe in the democratisation of opportunity.

What We Offer

Access to a science based, data driven, holistic player development system.

How We Do It


We understand your world and we speak your language.


We are invested
in the Scottish Game, we are here to assist you along your journey.


Improving the game through science and data driven insight, from the grass roots upwards.


Football in Scotland deserves the best chance of success; players, coaches, everyone.


Football is recognised as the highest participation sport in Scotland. And yet, there is no standardised player development and talent identification system available that spans all levels of the game, right across the country.

Access is currently restricted to a small number of professional clubs at the very top. With science and data driven insight increasingly linked to success, but increasingly more expensive, the ‘gap of opportunity’ afforded to the players further down the structure is widening all of the time.

Based on 5 years of specialist research and development, backed by some of Scotlands’ most prestigious academic institutions, we are now in a position to launch a product that allows every football player across Scotland the opportunity to identify their strengths, understand their weaknesses and receive direction and support on an individual basis, enabling them to fulfil their potential – no matter which level they play the game at.