About Us


Using an in-depth scientific approach, led by Dr James Dugdale from the University of Stirling, the programme is underpinned by a significant body of academic research.


The Soccer PDP system pioneers the value of science in youth/grassroots football coaching, providing experts in skills & technique, strength & conditioning, psychology and nutrition


Soccer PDP’s 12 month personal development plan gives players of all abilities, their coaches and their parents, the techniques, support and education opportunities to improve their performance both on and off the pitch

Everything Soccer PDP does is backed by scientific theory. Developed in partnership with leading academics at the University of Stirling, the programme utilises the latest scientific advances and understanding, providing accurate assessment to track the progress of players throughout their careers. With support from an international research network of collaborators, the system is designed to bring an inclusive and standardised approach to the development of grassroots footballers for the benefit of players, coaches, parents and clubs. 

Creating a highly accurate “football CV”, player development can be continuously tracked and benchmarked against their previous performances and the results of others. Providing an in-depth development plan across four key pillars, empowering every player to maximise their potential and help realise their long-term ambitions within the game.

Our aim is to give both coaches and players the data they need in order to truly analyse the strengths and weaknesses of every player’s game.  We offer the tools necessary for clubs, coaches, parents and players to improve in a scientifically proven and methodical way

We provide a first-class education to footballers, of all abilities, empowering them to improve their performance both on and off the pitch. Our science backed approach provides players with the knowledge and a pathway to improve on areas they need to strengthen. Soccer PDP provides the individual plan necessary to inform players, coaches and parents of how to improve.  We demonstrate how the exercises and drills should be carried out, along with the scientific reason behind each training task, allowing the player to gain an understanding of how each action will help them improve their game, alongside regular training and matches.